Where to Buy Tea

Buy tea

Tea can be purchased from a wide range of retailers and online stores. Many of them have a very similar product offering but the difference is in quality and experience.

The best place to buy tea is from a retailer that has a direct trade relationship with the tea farmers and tea masters that make the tea. This gives you confidence in the tea that you are brewing and the value that you are getting. You can also find out if the tea is organic, fair trade, or made in clean conditions.

When purchasing tea, look for whole Leaves with hugs that are tippy and uniform with no debris or twigs. This is the gold standard for quality in loose-leaf teas. You will pay a little more for loose-leaf teas but they are much better value than the low-quality tea dust that you get in tea bags.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Tea: Tips, Types, and Tantalizing Flavors

If you are a newcomer to buying tea, I recommend starting with sample sizes or tea assorted collections that allow you to try different varieties without being stuck with a big bag of something that you may not like. Choose a mix of bolder black and oolong teas with some more delicate green and white teas plus a herbal option.

It is also important to remember that tea deteriorates over time. It is a good idea to keep the tea in its original packaging or in another airtight container until you are ready to brew it. The longer that tea sits on the shelf, the more it will deteriorate.