Truck Accidents Lawsuits

Thousands of people are killed every year in truck accidents, and those who survive often experience severe or disabling injuries. These accidents can be caused by a wide range of factors, including speeding, distracted driving, driver fatigue and impairment, and vehicle defects. An experienced attorney with a solid grasp of truck accident law can help you determine who is liable for your crash and guide you through the process of seeking compensation.

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A thorough investigation of the accident scene is essential in any case, but it’s particularly important in a truck accident lawsuit. It is important for an attorney to be on scene as soon as possible to interview witnesses, take photographs and preserve critical evidence. For example, many trucks have event data recorders (black boxes) that can provide information about what the truck driver did or didn’t do in the moments leading up to the accident.

Other types of evidence that can be valuable in a truck accidents lawsuits include police reports, medical records, vehicle maintenance records, disciplinary records and lease or rental contracts. These documents can give your attorney insight into the defendant’s defense strategy. For instance, disciplinary records can show that a truck driver had previous safety violations or that the company knew about the driver’s unsafe characteristics.

A lawyer can also use evidence such as trucking industry statistics to help establish liability. This type of persuasive evidence can be used to convince a jury that the defendants were negligent and should be held accountable for the crash.