How to Integrate an IP Reputation API Into Your Email Delivery System

With Pangea IP reputation API, you can integrate reputation lookup into your application and prevent fraud before it happens. With our onboarded threat intelligence from the best providers in security, and developer-friendly pay-as-you-go pricing, you can identify connections that originate from malicious IP addresses and reject them before they can cause harm.

The health of your sender’s reputation is a key factor in ensuring email deliverability. Having a good reputation means that inbox providers trust your emails and you get a higher chance of being delivered to inboxes instead of spam folders. To maintain a high reputation, you need to make sure that your email service provider (ESP) has a clean history and is not linked to any malicious activities or relationships in the past.

Protecting Your Online Reputation: IP Reputation API

Suppose an ESP has been associated with malicious activity at any point in time or is connected to known malware domains, locations or internet objects. In that case, their reputation will be impacted negatively and it will take longer to improve their sending reputation. It is a good idea to use a free reputation lookup tool like Google Postmaster Tools or Talos Intelligence by Cisco to check their reputation and address any issues quickly.

In addition to reputation, the ability to detect modern malicious threats relying on large networks of seemingly independent actions is also important for improving email deliverability. In a world where fraudsters have new and powerful tools for hiding their attack vectors, it is critical to deploy comprehensive AI-powered solutions that can keep up with the speed of malicious activity, and correlate seemingly independent events that are in fact part of an attack plan.