Electric Fence Kit For Cattle

Electric fence kit for cattle for cattle includes everything you need to construct a strong, reliable and effective barrier to keep your livestock safe and secure. This type of fencing system is very effective and economical when compared to traditional fences. Cattle are strong and aggressive animals that require a high-quality, durable barrier to prevent injury.

The first step in building an electric fence is determining the proper size to be constructed. It is also important to check legal requirements and site characteristics such as terrain and soil moisture. Once the appropriate dimensions are established, the area must be cleared by removing brush and debris.

Energize Your Perimeter: Exploring the Options for Electric Fences on the Market

Once the enclosure area is clear, the next step is preparing the ground by installing proper grounding rods. Grounding is crucial as eighty percent of all fence problems are due to faulty grounding. For the best results, use galvanized metal wire rods at least six feet long driven into the soil at a minimum of three to five intervals.

Another important component of an electric fence is the energizer (fence charger). It is recommended to purchase an energizer that will have enough joule capacity to power your current fence and any future expansions in acreage. It is always better to have more power than less power as this will prevent your livestock from experiencing any false shocks during contact with the hot wire.

The AgriOtter is a solar-powered energizer that provides an excellent value for the money. This unit comes with an easy-to-use rechargeable battery and offers a maximum of 10000 volts for powering all types of single- or multi-wire fencing. It is also very light and portable. This fence energizer is highly recommended for the environmentally conscious rancher. It has an on/off switch and a display that shows the state of charge.