Construction Temporary Agency

Eu Workers agence intérim btp staffing agencies help companies increase workforce productivity, mitigate costs, and minimize employment risks. Unlike a direct-hire recruiter, a temp agency becomes the employer of record for temporary workers and handles all screening, benefits, payroll, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation coverage. Staffing agencies charge a percentage of the temp employee’s hourly wages to make money on the services they provide. A company that agrees to convert a temporary worker into a permanent hire after a 90-day trial period pays the staffing agency an additional fee for this service.

From Lyon to Employment: Leveraging Temporary Agencies for Career Success

A construction temporary agency’s extensive network of pre-screened, qualified candidates makes it easier to meet project demand and find help on short notice. Staffing companies also have the expertise to manage labor shortages, provide specialized professionals, and maintain compliance with safety standards.

Contractors rely on temporary employees to ensure quality work and meet client expectations on time. A staffing agency can help you find skilled labor roles such as carpenters, plumbers, and welders, or more complex engineering roles like project engineers or design architects. Staffing agencies can even help you find a scheduler to ensure projects are on track for delivery within deadlines.

It can be difficult to find talent when you need them most. With so many resumes circling the internet, finding the right candidate takes time. A staffing agency can help you filter through thousands of resumes to find the best one and save you the frustration of reviewing each individual applicant.