Cantilever Electric Gates

Cantilever electric gates are a great choice for commercial applications. They offer quiet operation and require very little maintenance because they don’t make contact with the ground, meaning there is less friction on moving parts. Since they are fabricated with strong materials, cantilever gates are also extremely durable and resist bending, buckling, or warping over time.

The cantilever gate design allows for a much larger clear opening than other types of gates, and is ideal for applications that have an odd-shaped or curved driveway. These gates are also a good fit for high traffic areas and provide a safe, secure entrance to an industrial or commercial property. The cantilever system is available in both bi-parting and single slide styles.

Efficiency and Elegance: The Advantages of Cantilever Electric Gates

These systems require a counterbalance that is 50% bigger than the gate opening to support the gate and to store it in the open position. The gate is then hung from two mounting posts and one latch post.

Guides, trucks (or rollers), and other gate hardware should be matched to the weight, size, height, and style of the gate. The cantilever gate requires a special type of roller and truck assembly to support the entire structure and to run smoothly over a track.

Cantilever gates can be operated with a linear arm operator or a hydraulic/pneumatic style of operator. Linear arm operators are bolted or welded directly to the gates and posts, and feature an electromechanical motor that moves a carriage nut on a rail – either a link arm or ram arm – to control the positioning of your gate. Most electromechanical linear arms come with a built-in battery backup and are also solar-compatible.