Inpatient Rehabilitation UK it is necessary to take an individual away from their usual environments to allow them to focus completely on the treatment process and to give them a chance to overcome their addictions and begin a fresh start. This is why many clinics provide a range of facilities and activities that are tailored to the individual needs of each client. This could include everything from equine therapy and cooking lessons to art and sports. Many centres also offer holistic treatments like acupuncture and reiki sessions that can help the body and mind to relax during the recovery process.

Inside Inpatient Rehabilitation: Navigating Care in the UK

The therapists at the rehab clinic you attend will have access to you 24/7 and will be on hand to address any problems that arise. You will have regular health check ups to make sure that you are responding well to your treatment and that any medication you are on is working effectively. You will also have a dedicated one-to-one psychotherapist who will be available to you for a few hours each week during your stay at the facility.

If you are an addict to alcohol then it is likely that your treatment will be funded by the NHS. NHS alcohol rehab programmes are offered at various partnering rehab centres throughout the UK and are available to those who have been referred by their GP. The NHS alcohol rehab programme is a good choice for those with financial limitations as they typically have lower treatment costs than private rehabs and are less crowded.